Lost or Stolen Cards

Three Steps

Take these three steps as soon as you notice that your EmoryCard is lost or has been stolen.

1. Deactivate Current Card

If your EmoryCard is lost or stolen, please deactivate your card, any time day or night, via My EmoryCard Web Center or submit a report to us during regular office hours at emorycard@emory.edu. This will deactivate your card and prevent anyone from using your meal plan, Eagle Dollars, or Dooley Dining Dollars.

NOTE: Once an EmoryCard is reported as lost or stolen and a new card is created, the old card cannot be reactivated.

2. Deactivate Access to Secured Buildings

If you are an on-campus resident or have access to secured buildings via your EmoryCard, you will also need to report your card as lost/stolen to Emory Police or the staff of your residence hall. Access to secured buildings, such as your residence hall, are not automatically deactivated through the EmoryCard process.

3. Get New EmoryCard

Once you have successfully deactivated your lost/stolen card, please contact us via email at emorycard@emory.edu for the additional steps required to obtain a new EmoryCard; including how to pay the applicable replacement fee.

  • When visiting us to pick-up your new card you MUST bring a valid government-issued photo identification to confirm your identity.
  • If your EmoryCard was stolen, you may receive a replacement card free of charge by providing a police report to the EmoryCard office via email at emorycard@emory.edu

Departmental administrators may use this form to authorize EmoryCard replacements for faculty and staff.