Eagle v. Dooley Dollars

Download Eagle v. Dooley Dollars comparison chart

Eagle v. Dooley Dollars comparison chart
FeaturesEagle DollarsDooley Dollars
Experience cashless convenience with accounts on your EmoryCardyesyes
Purchase food at any on-campus dining location including dining halls, coffee shops, food courts, convenience stores, weekly farmers market, and food trucksyesyes
Receive immediate 5% discount on every purchasenoyes
Every purchase is tax exemptnoyes
Purchase textbooks, school supplies, and official gear at the Emory University Bookstoreyesno
Pay for copies and printing at Emory University librariesyesno
Purchase refreshments at vending machinesyesyes
Postage, shipping, and more at the Mail Centeryesyes
Receive a balance report with every transitionnoyes
Minimum deposit?yes ($2)yes ($25)
Multiple deposit optionsyesno
Add additional funds anytime throughout each semesteryesyes
Carry funds forward from semester to semester until you graduate or leave Emory; balances over $25 are automatically refundedyesno
Manage your funds online through EmoryCard Web Centeryesno
Request guest deposits from family and friends without sharing your Emory loginyesno
Included in the purchase of Emory Dining plans (dollar amounts vary)noyes