Emory OneCard Mobile App

Live the Emory Experience with the EmoryCard OneCard Mobile. This App will work with your Android or iPhone and provides you an easy access to manage your EmoryCard Account. To download the app click the button
google play
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With the App you can:
Check your EmoryCard Account balances and transactions

  • Add Eagle Dollars to your account

  • Gain access to the Library turnstiles

  • Make a purchase at a vending machine that takes the EmoryCard

  • See your meal plan status

  • See where your EmoryCard was last used

  • Deactivate your EmoryCard if lost

  • Check messages from EmoryCard Services

  • How to Get Started
    STEP 1: Login to Emory OneCard

  • If you use your NetID then go to Step 2.

  • Using your Emory ID and Pin:

  • If you want to use a PIN with your Emory ID and have not created one before, then create a PIN with your Emory ID by going to http://www.emorycard.emory.edu/OneWeb/Account/Logon .

  • Click link to Account settings then "create a PIN" by entering your 7 digit Emory ID number and then a PIN.

STEP 2: Download the "OneCard Mobile" app from the Apple or Google Play app store

STEP 3: Open app and accept license agreement

STEP 4: The OneCard Mobile setup screen will appear.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the 3 letters of your school, which in this case would be 'EMO.

  • Hit Search on your phone. The Emory University URL “Emory University: https://"will appear, highlight the radial button next to it. Hit Next.

  • The screen will then show you the full URL https://www.emorycard.emory.edu/onecardapi/ . Hit Next.

  • The screen will then show Configuration for school is successful!' Hit Next.

  • STEP 5: The screen will then ask you to enter your Account and PIN or Net ID.

  • Make sure the one you pick, the radial button is highlighted for the account type you have chosen. Account and PIN is your Emory ID number and the PIN you set up in the EmoryCard OneWeb. NetID is your University NetID, Hit Next.

  • "Account Registered Successfully!" will appear on the screen, Hit Done.

  • Step 6: The screen will then go to OneCard mobile. Press the "My ID" icon. This will change the Heartland University to bring up your ID and picture. Once your ID appears you have successfully configured OneCard mobile.

Places to use mobile App

Woodruff Main Library

Pitts Theology School library

All vending machines equiped with EmoryCard readers