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Your EmoryCard acts as your personal debit card when you open an Eagle Dollars Account. It provides a safe, convenient way to make purchases on- and off-campus without having to carry cash. There are no monthly fees or interest charges and there is no required minimum balance.

Once funds are deposited into your Eagle Dollars account, they cannot be withdrawn unless you officially withdraw, transfer, or graduate from the University. Any unused Eagle Dollars will rollover from semester to semester until you leave Emory University. You may not transfer deposited funds between the Eagle Dollars account and Dooley Dining Dollars account. You cannot obtain cash advances from your Eagle Dollars account.

Once you discontinue your involvement at Emory University, either through graduation or the termination of your status as a Faculty, Staff or Student, you will be eligible for a refund. For Students, any unused Eagle Dollar funds of $25.00 or more will automatically be credited to your student account. Eagle Dollar funds with a balance of $24.99 or less will only be refunded upon written request to the EmoryCard Services Office.

Refund requests from graduating seniors must be submitted by May 31st in the year in which they are graduating. Refund requests from non-graduating students must be submitted within 30 days of leaving the university. Refunds may be requested by email at: Please be sure to include your full name, ID number and reason for request.

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